Upcoming Classes at PCC

All levels and styles welcome, with personal attention, demos, and constructive feedback. PCC classes are at the Willow Creek campus, Beaverton, OR. Enroll Online at www.pcc.edu/community or by phone 971 722-6266.

*Note 50% discount for age 62+ at PCC. Apply at 971 722-8888 after enrollment.

Stop Fiddling, Start Creating

Two Saturdays: Sep 30 and Oct 7, 9:30 am to 3:50 pm. CRN 47364 $95

Celebrate imagination and creativity with novel tasks and experiments; overcome temptation to obsess over inconsequential details. Acrylic and watercolor painters of all skill levels welcome. Expect encouragement, demos, practical painting techniques.

Mastering Watercolors

Two Saturdays: Oct 14 and 21, 9:30 am to 3:50 pm. CRN 44846 $95

Learn the step-by-step methods of watercolors: washes, glazes, and final brush strokes. Discover how fun and rewarding it is to paint your ideas and visions, quickly and easily. Loads of tips and techniques, paint mixing, essential design and composition lessons.

Acrylics are Easy!

Two Saturdays: Oct 28 and Nov 4, 9:30 am to 3:50 pm. CRN 47362 $95

Learn the special qualities of acrylics: their similarity to watercolors for washes, wet-into-wet painting, layering (glazing) to build values, define subjects and refine colors. Also, explore similarity to oils with thick opaque applications and final brush strokes to clarify a focal point.

Land and Sea Painting

Two Saturdays: Dec 2 and 9 CRN43905 $95.

Learn to master traditional landscapes, seascapes, or any celebration of nature in watercolors or acrylics. Capture light and atmosphere; explore essential design and composition lessons; discover the similarities and techniques of both mediums.